400 x 572mm
6 hand pulled inks on 330gsm G.F Smith Naturalis paper.
Edition of 3
Numbered and signed by the artist

Paternoster is a further exploration of modular squares-to-circles compositions, as well as an attempt to bring an organic textural imperfection to geometric forms. Vibrant hard-edged graphic colours are built up, and then subverted with textural overlays – partially from the use of blocked screens, with the detriatus of previous pieces informing the new. I changed my mind twice as to the orientation of these pieces, but having lived with a framed version for a while, I’ve opted to go top-heavy. The print is intended to be float mounted in an A2 box frame, but YMMV.

The piece is named for those open-access lifts – a retro futures technology, which has mainly passed into history. I love the optimism of the things, and they find an echo in the forms leaving the confines of one end of the printed page, and entering on the opposite side. The texture on the top left-hand semicircle is accidental – the two inks didn’t get on when layered. But I felt it was entirely in place for the imperfect textural nature of the pieces. It’s a feature, not a bug!