‘Pastille – Purple’
500mm x 500mm
Three ink (with split-fount print on the purple-blue) screen print with applied diamond dust.
Printed on 330gsm G.F Smith Naturalis paper.
Open edition.
Signed and dated by the artist.

It’s a big sweetie, that glistens in the light as you move by it, but it’s calorie-free!

Note that diamond dust is actually small shards of glass, held in place on the surface of the print by a matt acrylic medium. If you brush your hand, or other exposed skin, against the diamond dust, you may scratch or cut yourself. The print should be mounted behind (ideally; anti-glare) glass for safety purposes. The print will be shipped in a wide diameter tube, to ensure no rubbing of the diamond glass area occurs, but care should be taken when removing the print from the tube, in case any shards have shed in transit.