420 x 594mm
3 hand pulled inks on 300gsm Ancona 21 paper.
Edition of 31
Numbered and signed by the artist

One of nine Allsorts editions. Bertie Bassett meets Kenneth Noland. There’s an often-overlooked, but interesting compositional and colour structure in confectionary. These pieces offer an opportunity to present a reductive contemplation on those structures. flat matt colours on uncoated stock, with liquorice elements printed in a semi-gloss sheen black ink. Note that the black is extra-glossy on this particular print – an accident of a double pull on a lower density screen. It’s nice, but I wasn’t going to revisit all the other prints, where I’d used a denser screen. So glossiest it is.

If you buy more than one Allsorts print, I’ll throw in a bonus set of offset-litho printed A6 postcards, which incorporate all the nine Allsorts compositions.