‘Orbs – 1’
210 x 297mm
4 hand pulled inks & gold gilding on 260gsm Woodstock Grigio paper.
Edition of 25
Numbered and signed by the artist

Prompted by the biennial International Miniature Print competition in the Center for Contemporary Printmaking, in Connecticut, I’ve opted to use screen print at a new small scale for me. The rules of the competition restrict prints to a maximum of two inches squared, but not necessarily square. I decided to have three pieces with a 2 x 2″ dimension, and then an additional three with printed area equivalent, but with elements cut into, and extending out of, the square format.

As it turns out, the rules consider unprinted voids in the artwork area as part of the printed area, so my final three pieces won’t make the competition.

Four cool grey or grey-blue colours sit on a warm grey stock, and compliment the warmth of the gold gilded element. Each composition is a stage in a choreographed interplay of circles and squares.