‘AI Trees #1 & #2’ (Pair)
297 x 420mm
5 hand pulled inks on 300gsm Toscana Soft White paper.
Edition of 25
Numbered and signed by the artist

These are the result of describing a pictorial scenario to an AI image generator, and then taking the partially rendered, and consequently soft, image into the analogue process of hand screen print. The luminous RGB gamut is translated into fluoro inks, and the image manipulated to best suit screen print reproduction. Rather than being a readymade, it’s a not-readymade. The trees don’t exist – they’re from the ‘imagination’ of the code – but imaginings that have not been allowed fully formulate. The challenge of taking soft elements into a medium generally known for it’s hard-edged capabilities also appeal to my contrary nature.

Note that there’s a subtle squeegee mark above and slightly left of the tree #2 (see attached pic). It’s not particularly noticeable, and a consequence of the imperfect nature of hand screen printing. If, however, it’s going to be problematic for you, don’t buy the piece – you’ve been fore-warned.

The prints cover an area 260 x 260mm, and are on A3 paper, but if you prefer them cut down to 420 x 420mm for mounting, just let me know in your order notes, and I’ll do so. Alternatively you can cut them down yourself!